Easykey Online Accounting Platform help me save min RM700- RM1,200 on accounting & tax fees

Business Name : JPG Creation Enterprise (Home renovation services based on Johor)

By :Person In Charge: Mr. Pierz Gwee

Below is my experience sharing when using easyKey Online Accounting Platform

I started my sole proprietorship business from Jul 2019. Since 2019 is only business startup phase and there is not much turnover, I skipped to declare the income as if I engage an accountant to help me do the P&L it would cost me min. RM700 – RM1,200 on accounting and tax submission.

Now during FMCO and since I at home cannot go out to work, I try to study on how to do income declaration by myself. And I happen to see this Easykey platform in Facebook and try to understand how it works by free sign up this platform.

What I found is by using this platform’s form, it is so clear and easy to input all the figures that I already have in hand and also the form can remind me of some figures that I have forgot to input. Also inside the form every columns there are guides to tell you what figures should fill in in this column, for me with 0% accounting background I can input all the figures correctly based on the guides.

After I completed the forms, I still can go in and change the input freely. Until this stage I still no need to pay anything.

To get the full report, I just need to pay RM199 (vs RM700 – RM1,200) which I already saves a lot for my business. Yes, RM199 only, and without any hidden cost (RM199 is promotional price when I paid)

After paid, there are total 5 reports I received:

  1. Balance Sheet
  2. Capital Allowance Schedule
  3. Fixed Assets Schedule
  4. Form B- Financial Part only
  5. Profit & Loss Statement

And I can just use the FORM B – Financial part generated by easyKey platform as a reference to fill in LHDN FORM B, it is very convenience to me.

Most important is, easyKey support team is very helpful and fast response. I have a lot of questions to ask (Facebook messenger) when doing key in, they have provide their professional accounting knowledge to help answered all my questions.

Lastly, easyKey is a good self-service online accounting platform if you want to save huge amount of accounting and tax fees to engage accountant and freelancer. Although is self-service, but easyKey support team is always there to help on all queries you have.

easykey Website : https://easykeysolutions.com

easykey Online Accounting Platform : https://easykeysolutions.com/easykeyapp.my

easykey Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/easykeyforyou

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